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samie midz


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Hey everyone! Thanks for coming and taking a look at the website and all of our work!

I love working in Black & Grey or Colour, in a variety of styles but anything realism based is always good fun but I love to try and mash up a variety of styles within pieces for a really unique look.

I'm probably best known for also being a massive nerd! So anything Pop Culture, Marvel, Movie and TV related is right up my ally!


Nova Studios Co-Captain Samie Midz began her Tattoo apprenticeship in June of 2019 and was tattooing by December of that year. Having successfully managed Studios in Derby and Ipswich for almost 8 years and also founding Sanctourum Laser Clinic, Samie decided to channel her wealth of knowledge within the industry with her own creativity to pursue her career in Tattooing.

Helped along by her Husband Jack, she took to Tattooing like a duck to water, quickly impressing with her technical ability and perhaps even more impressively the development of her own personal style of Artwork.


Samie, a massive animal lover, particularly likes putting together designs of our furry and scaley friends, but if your after any dotwork, mandalas, or anything geometrically based, then Samie is the artist for you!


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