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aftercare advice

We are immensely proud of every Tattoo that we create at the Nova Studios and we hope that you will be too. So it’s important to us that your Tattoo’s aren’t just looking great when you first leave the studio but forever and the best chance they have of doing so is by making sure they are well looked after. So here’s a little bit of advice that we relay to all of our clients that have produced the most consistently positive results thus far for our pieces and the way that we work.


    Upon leaving the studio your tattoo will either be covered with Cling Film dressing or a Protective Tattoo Healing film which acts as a second skin to provide a barrier between your new tattoo and outside germs and bacteria. We recommend keeping on this dressing for at least 24-48 hours.


    When the time arrives to remove the dressing, run yourself a hot shower (within reason don’t scold yourself!) jump in and slowly remove the film with the aid of the hot water. Then keep the tattoo held directly underneath the flow of the water for around 10-15 minutes to allow your pours to open and deeply cleanse and massage away any gunky residue. We’ll be honest, the hot shower on the fresh tattoo stage is an uncomfortable one but one that massively helps and speeds up the healing process.


    Once out of the shower, allow your tattoo around 30 minutes to air dry and then apply a thin layer of your chosen Aftercare Cream. We’ve chosen the awesome ‘YAYO FAMILIA’ Tattoo Butter to use and resell in studio. It’s 100% Vegan, Natural and free from all synthetic products & allergens. However if its not for you, thats fine, our artists can recommend some that might.


    Maintain the Aftercare Cream application 2/3 times a day for at least the next 3 weeks. After the first few days of your tattoo being done your piece will begin to flake and residue break away from the skin, your tattoo may then have a silvery shine to it, don’t worry its completely normal, we call this ‘Silver Skin’. Silver Skin is essentially a layer of dead skin and eventually sheds when the healing process is complete.


    Keep the tattoo clean! Whilst prolonged soaking in the bath isn’t a great idea, giving the tattoo a good clean in the shower everyday is recommended, just make sure any soap your using is 100% natural and not perfumed.

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