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jack midz


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Hey everyone! Thanks for coming and taking a look at the website and all of our work!

I love working in Black & Grey or Colour, in a variety of styles but anything realism based is always good fun but I love to try and mash up a variety of styles within pieces for a really unique look.

I'm probably best known for also being a massive nerd! So anything Pop Culture, Marvel, Movie and TV related is right up my ally!


Nova Studios Co-Captain Jack Midz began his Tattoo apprenticeship in May of 2011 and was tattooing by November of that year. Whilst first couple of years was a bit of a baptism of fire, well and truly thrown in the deep end. By March of 2015 Jack made the move to Ipswich to continue his progression and branch off into Conventions and Guest Spots across the UK & Europe.

Fast forward to 2020 and mid Pandemic! Jack and Sam decided the time and premises was right to finally break out and embark on their new adventure.

Jack is known for his precise and very technical approach to tattooing, favouring anything highly detailed and most enjoys working elements of realism, surrealism and geometry into as many of his designs as possible.


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