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anna kowacka


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Hey!✌️I have about 7 years of experience in tattooing and I’m always looking to improve myself and hone in on finding my niche style. I love working in colour for any cartoon, nerdy or cute themed pieces but I also enjoy doing a bit of blackwork for the more gruesome, scary and dark projects. I’m focusing a lot on travelling, guest spots and conventions at the moment to learn new skills from different artists along the way. I’m also trying to complete my own Tattoo Pokédex so hit me up to help me ‘Catch’em All!’

We're absolutely delighted to welcome Anna to the Nova family! Upon making the decision to begin the expansion of the studio we knew that we would be creating more space and able to add to the team, however we didn't just want to do so with just anybody. Then when Anna got in touch about joining  it didn't take us long to realise she would be a perfect fit. Artistically she adds a different dimension with her bright colour work, in particular her watercolour, anime and neo-new school workings. As a person she fits seamlessly, her pop cultural interests and very humble nature makes her very relatable and clients are sure to enjoy their time spent with Anna as well as being blown away with the outcomes of their tattoos! - J.M


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