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liv 'cloudy tattoos'


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Hey i’m Liv! After finishing my apprenticeship early 2023 i’ve dove head first into tattooing all the fun gothic/medieval themes I could get my hands on! I get most of my inspiration from fantasy media like D&D, Lord of the Rings and anything pirates! So whether it be a gothic arch, dinosaur skulls or a wizard frog i’m the tattoo artist for you! If you’re feeling extra adventurous then put your fate in the dice’s hands and book in for my Dungeons & Dragons GWYG!

Olivia first started with us as our Saturday receptionist IN 2022, before becoming our apprentice in February of 23'!  She has been focusing on finding her own style, after exploring a couple of styles she has found the perfect one for her. With gothic and medieval themes, the style of etch work and engraving as what she wants to pursue her tattooing career.


She took to tattooing faster and more naturally than anyone I have ever experienced before and now as a fully fledged tattoo artist is putting together a very impressive body of work as can be seen in her portfolio below! She's already been lined up to travel the country at conventions and guest  spots to further excel so we very proud to house such an exciting new talent in the tattoo industry! - J.M 


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