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Alright!? I'm Ryan! I've been tattooing for around 7 years now. Most of my  work is bold colour cartoon work, pop culture stuff, new traditional and traditional. However any ideas that I can put my own spin on I'll always be up for. The weirder the ideas, the better! Give me a shout and let's create something fun!

We're absolutely delighted to add Ryan to the Nova team! We have long been admirers of Ryan's work so when he declared his interest in our vacant chair, it was an absolute no brainer!

Ryan is so well versed in a number of different styles but especially when given a little artistic license always produces incredible piece with his own unique flare. His experience in the wider industry, with numerous conventions, guest spots and reputable studios all on his C.V will be a massive addition to Nova and the rest of the team too! - J.M


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