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dan coleman


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Yo! I'm Dan, and I'm writing this at the start of my creative journey, immersing into the Tattoo industry alongside the awesome Nova Studios team!

With a keen interest the tattoo culture, I appreciate and enjoy all different styles! I'd love to learn in all areas, although naturally designs with a graphic feel, with solid, bold lines and interesting minimal colour pallets will catch my eye. Please feel free to check out my journey on Instagram for updates on new designs, updates throughout my apprenticeship and all things with wheels that burn gasoline! - Dan


We've had the pleasure knowing Dan well for while prior to opening the studio, and when we discovered his growing interest in Tattooing, he was immediately

on our shortlist to eventually join our team. He's a really humble, hard working guy that we knew would gel with us very easily and come through his apprenticeship absolutely fine.

The Level of work and consistency that Dan is already producing is a testament to his hard work. His tattoos are tough, bold and if your after anything thats old school, traditional or new traditional, Dan is your man!


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