Kieran o'Donnell


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'Hey, my name is Kieran and I'm in love with all things Spooky! I do prefer more Gothic/Dark styled work as it's what comes more naturally but I'm happy to work in all kinds of styles. I take inspiration from Comic and Traditional Art. Thanks for checking out my work!' - Kieran

We're so excited to welcome Kieran to the Nova Team! Both Jack and Sam actually first met Kieran at the beginning of his Tattoo journey when he arrived at their former studio to enquire about a Tattoo Apprenticeship. Fast forward 2 years Kieran is now a fully fledged Tattoo Artist specialising in Dark Illustrative Tattoo's, often taking inspiration from pop culture, horror and comics, he is a natural fit for Nova and we can't wait to see him truly flourish and achieve his potential in an environment where he can become the very best version of himself!