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Yoo! I’m AK! I’ve been tattooing for over 10 years now. I enjoy making traditional tattoos the most, basically just anything bold and eye catching that will stand out from a distance. I also love darker blackwork tattoos, applied with the same traditional values..but with a slightly more sinister spin! I have stacks of designs ready to be tattooed as they are, however I’m always keen to create custom pieces as well!

We're so happy to add A.K as permenant member of our Nova family! we was immediately interested when A.K first got in touch about working with us, and after she initially spent a few days with us as a Guest artist we knew we couldn't let her leave! She's an incredibly talented, solid and fast traditional tattooer and we're delighted to be able to offer A.K a place where she can feel valued. We can't wait to see her express herself through her art and what she brings to the overall studio! - J.M


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